Each Archistory commission is tailor made for the client. Our aim is to supply a finished product that meets your requirements down to the last detail.

The full Archistory service consists of an architectural elevation drawing and a small map, with a detailed house history, researched by us.

Give us a call for a free estimate no matter where your house is located.

As it is essential to make a site visit to measure the house, our costs are worked out depending on the expenses incurred in travel. The majority of our historical research is also carried out locally, so this has to be factored into our travel costs. Any additional requirements you have may be reflected in the final price.

Please do not hesitate to ask Ben Taggart for an estimate.
Telephone: 020 8766 6822
Mobile: 07966 539 861

Framing & Mounting

Each drawing is produced on high quality paper and we can work up to an image of A1 size (60cm x 85cm). Once the picture is finished the best way to ensure that it is presented to the client in immaculate condition is to have it framed before delivery. You can decide on the frame type, and the colour of the mount. Dry-mounting (a process whereby the drawing is adhered to a piece of acid-free mount board) keeps the paper absolutely flat. It is highly recommended.

Dry-mounting and framing are charged additionally to the prices shown above. Guideline prices are around £100 for sizes up to A2 (42cm x 60cm) and £150 for sizes up to A1 (60cm x 85cm) depending on the type of mount and frame chosen. All prices quoted are subject to VAT.

Delivery of finished artwork may be subject to an additional charge. If the picture is framed, collection or hand delivery is recommended and estimates will be given for delivery arrangements prior to the start of any commission.

Other options

As we can design our product to suit your requirements, drawings can be commissioned as artwork for letterheads, moving home cards, Christmas cards or for trade purposes such as hotel literature.

We can provide an option with no historical text at all, simply a detailed architectural drawing along with a title block showing the name and perhaps the address of the house and date of construction.
It is even possible to produce accurate drawings of houses that have been completely demolished, using contemporary photos and historic data.

If the historical research service is required without any drawing, this can also be commissioned.

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